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Additional Requirements for Cross Categorical Certification

To add an additional age level to the cross-categorical certification/license, we require:

  1. The additional assignments/addendums from your Appendix C listed below that are to be written at the age level you are pursuing.
  2. A nine to eighteen week student teaching experience at the additional age level.  Most of the time, those teachers pursuing an additional age level can complete their student teaching in a nine week period, but that is with the approval of the teaching supervisor and cooperating teacher.  The student teaching requires a full day commitment for nine weeks, or at least a half-day commitment for 18 weeks.

Standard 4:
605 #6: Teaching Strategies utilized at the additional age level.
605 #5:  Environmental Education Unit at the additional age level.
605 #2:  Discussion of a unit or exploration in Wisconsin Native American History or Sovereignty at the additional age level.
605 #8:  Phonics development at the additional age level
Standard 8:
610 #2:  Review samples of a completed assessment and reflect upon the information gained at the additional age level.
608 #6:  Position Paper contrasting standardized and non-standardized assessments at the additional age level.
This is the breakdown for additional requirements and costs:

  1. $250 fee for advisement and reading the updated addendums for standard's 4 and 8.
  2. $50 fee for the certification agent's signature (if you have already sent in an initial license)
  3. $900 fee for one quarter of additional student teaching (if done separately on a future student teaching experience, based upon the current fee of $1,800 for one semester of student teaching as of January 2011. This is also subject to any increase in fees. If for any reason, additional visits by the teaching supervisor are required beyond the two, an additional fee will be required. 


Stephen Japuntich and Thomas Hall, Co-Directors of 10SPED

Revised: 6/9/11